I'm an ambitious young designer with experience in both architectural and graphic design, along with dabbling in the other design disciplines. While I'm dedicated to my trade and career, I know there's much more to learn and experience. 
Some of my most impressive skills include being able to recite the alphabet backwards in three languages, knowing the melodies to many songs but not knowing the lyrics, and knowing just enough of a few languages to be conversational with the help of Google Translate or a good dictionary. A few of my best qualities are persistence, dedication, and loyalty. I always try to make sure that everyone around me succeeds, and help out where I'm able to. 
One of my biggest life goals is to be able to use my skills to do something meaningful. While this could mean doing some incredible designs that would make me famous, I'd prefer if I could use my growing skill-set to do something good, or perhaps raise awareness on important issues. I'm a strong believer in the ripple effect, and hope that one day an act of kindness turns into a lifestyle of compassion.

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